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Cerec Restorations

What is Cerec 4.2?

CEREC 4.2 is a dental restoration product that allows us to produce a ceramic dental restoration using computer assisted technology. We take a scan of the tooth or area concerned and then convert it into a 3-dimensional virtual model on the computer.

When the model is complete a machine carves the actual restoration out of a ceramic block using diamond head cutters. When this accurate block is complete, the restoration is bonded to the tooth using a resin. The whole procedure is done in a single appointment, start to finish.


Why patients are choosing CEREC?

The materials used closely match the composition of natural tooth structure. This means that when you eat hot food and then drink something cold, the restoration and tooth expand and contract at almost equal rates. So, your tooth does not crack, and you can go on enjoying your evening. Also, the materials are chemically bonded to your tooth, so your dentist can save as much healthy tooth tissue as possible while providing you with a dental restoration that strengthens your tooth.

Single Appointment Dental Care

With advanced CEREC® technology, you can be in and out in about an hour, with no need for a second appointment. Other benefits include no need for impressions or temporaries, fewer injections, less drilling, and less time out of your hectic schedule for dental care. We invest heavily in the latest dental technology and are proud to present our own in house ceramic studio, CEREC® 4.2.

White Fillings

white fillings.jpg

White fillings allow us to restore decayed or broken portions of your teeth almost invisibly. They have contributed much to dentist’s ability to improve smiles. They are suitable for use in front and most back teeth. Elimination of unsightly areas of decay or discolouration will enhance your confidence to smile.

Our white fillings are chemically bonded to your tooth and are created from layers of different colours of filling material which allows a close match to the natural shape and colour of your own teeth. They provide a much more slightly alternative to silver amalgam fillings as a result.

White fillings are also called composite fillings. Dentists prefer composite fillings for restorative work especially for front teeth. Some of the advantages of white filings are:

  • They are durable and resistant to fractures.

  • Less tooth structure needs to removal when restoring with white fillings.

  • They can be bonded adhesively in a cavity, allowing a more conservative tooth repair.

  • They replace the metal alloy fillings.





Inlays / Onlays

Where an area on a tooth is not suitable for a regular filling , inlays or onlays can be made . The most common reason is that they are much stronger and longer lasting than a regular filling , especially if the cavity is very large . 


Sometimes they are also better aesthetically , compared to fillings .  Gold used to be used for inlays , but there are wonderful modern materials that are used today which are tooth coloured and long lasting.

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