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Direct access patient information leaflet


You can now book appointments directly with our Dental Hygienist or Specialist Periodontist whenever you want to. You do not need to see the dentist first. Our receptionists will be happy to explain how this works and make an appointment for you.


Our Hygienist or Specialist Periodontist cannot provide the same comprehensive examination as your dentist, so you should continue to see your dentist as usual. Your dentist will let you know how often you need to have a full examination.

Our team

Dentist’s/Periodontal Specialist

Dentists train for five years in all aspects of theoretical and practical dentistry and often undertake additional qualifications after their professional registration. They are clinical professionals who understand and take responsibility for the overall oral health of the patients of their practice. The following dentist’s/Periodontal Specialist work at our practice:


Dr Paul; Kletz: BDS University of Witwatersrand 1975-GDC number 50064

Dr David Sher: BChD Stell 1982-GDC number- 58999

Professor Luigi Nibali: Dip Dent Catania 2001 and MSc with Distinction in Periodontology            

University College London 2006 GDC number-81640

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists train for two to three years in dental schools alongside dentists, or in schools of dental hygiene. They are trained to carry out clinical examinations, assessing the health of gums, provide preventive oral care and liaise with dentists over the treatment of decay and gum disease, undertake scaling, provide topical fluoride treatments and carry out oral cancer screening.  The following hygienist works at our practice:

Ms Jennifer Evans: Dental Hygienist- CEB Dip Dent Hygiene 1993-GDC number- 4449

Dental nurse


Dental nurses train for 12 to 24 months and provide support to dentists, hygienists, therapists and patients. They prepare and maintain the clinical environment, carry out infection prevention and control procedures, prepare and mix dental materials, process dental X-rays and provide chairside support to dentists, hygienists and therapists. The following nurses work at our practice:

Ms Shilpa Patel: The National Examining Board for Dental Surgery Assistants-1989-GDC number-151417 and Mrs Terrie Peat GDC number - 128659.


Please note all direct access patients for our Hygienist or Specialist Periodontist will need to sign and date the appropriate practice consent form on the day of your appointment.

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