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Dental Implants

Dental implants are not new, in fact, they have been used to permanently replace one, several or all teeth in the upper or lower jaw, for more than 20 years. Modern dental care has come a long way in recent years and the availability of dental implants as a way to replace missing teeth has revolutionised the way that we can treat our patients. The benefits of dental implants can be life changing.

An implant acts as a replacement for a natural tooth root and will be inserted into a drilled opening in the jaw bone. Implants are cylindrical in shape and often appear like small screws.

Teeth can be lost for many reasons including gum disease, tooth decay and accidents. However, there is no reason why you should live without your teeth, as dental implants can provide a completely safe way of replacing any number of missing teeth.

Once fitted, implants are able to support a range of different restorations, including crowns, dentures and dental bridges.

Same Day Smiles


Same Day Smiles is an innovative dental implant treatment which allows patients to enjoy a newly enhance smile without delay.

This is different to traditional implant systems because there is no healing time. The new teeth are placed immediately after implant insertion and there is no need for temporary restorations. Same Day Smiles uses the revolutionary All-on-4 implant system, which is the first implant treatment to use just four dental implants for supporting an entire arch of teeth; usually between 6 and 10 implants are required.

For further information about Dental Implants or to arrange a FREE Dental Implant Consultation please call 0208 445 6949

Helbo Treatments

The HELBO with dye and laser light offers painless and rapid application. It is a purely local treatment to destroy the bacteria and fungi which causes inflammation and, most importantly, has no negative side effects.

Three steps to restoring the balance:

  • After prior rinsing, the infected sites are covered with blue dye solution.

  • The dye solution is activated by subsequent exposure to a mid laser.

  • Due to the combination of light activated dye solution and laser light, highly reactive oxygen is produced – this leads to the destruction of bacteria and fungi.

The bacteria causing you to be ill therefore die off! As a result, your body once again creates a natural and healthy balance. Which is more, studies show that the laser light also reduces pain and promotes wound healing.

Advantages to win you over!

  • Painless: A low-energy laser is used during HELBO treatment. No heat is generated and the laser light has a pain-reducing effects.

  • Successful: Depending on the indication, the inflammation subsides with one or a few treatments.

  • Healthy: HELBO treatment accelerates wound healing.

  • Quick: The treatment of a tooth or individual area only takes a few minutes.

  • Effective: In comparison to rinsing solutions, HELBO treatment even reaches difficult to treat areas.

  • Tested: The effect is documented by more than 50 scientific publications.


Blue – the colour of trust and reliability.

As intensive dyeing of the bacteria is required for treatment, superficial blue staining often remains in the infected areas and sometimes also in the visible area after treatment This, however, dissolves after two to four hours on its own.

In addition, there are no known side effects or allergies at all when using the dye solution.

What the expert says.

PD Dr. Jörg Neugebauer, University of Cologne and Landsberg am Lech
HELBO treatment is the most effective and most patient friendly alternative to know procedures in terms of prophylaxis and treatment or infections in oral cavity.

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